Mastering Editing

In this full-day class you’ll learn many of the tools in Adobe Lightroom and how to use them to make your photos look amazing. You’ll learn a variety of styles of editing, from subtle curves and sharpening to more dramatic color shifts and exposure corrections. We’ll be editing portraits, macro photos, and landscapes.

We also briefly cover importing, organizing, exporting, and different backup solutions.

For this course you will need a laptop with Lightroom already installed. You will also need a card reader to get photos from an SD card on to your laptop.

Note: While we try to be as helpful as we can, sometimes computers have problems and we cannot necessarily solve all your computer problems.

The Composition & Editing class is strongly recommended. It will teach you how to make the best choices in your photos including in editing, where this class teaches you the technical details of how to edit in Lightroom.

A laptop with Adobe Lightroom (version 4 or 5 – version 5 is recommended) already installed.
Optional – some of your own photos to work on.